Five tips to manage work stress



Five tips to manage work stress

1 Prepare for the pressure

If you know you will face a situation of too much pressure, prepare for it in advance. Think of ways to solve and identify the best ways to manage the crisis that guesses efficiently.

  2 Know when to say no

Accept many tasks simultaneously is the fastest way to create situations of stress and anxiety at work. By accepting accumulate all the tasks you propose you run the risk of becoming a professional medium, which has a mediocre work. Instead, learn to refuse certain tasks.

  3 Do not make a storm in a teacup

Avoid at all costs turn small setbacks into big problems, which will only increase the pressure on themselves. Before you lose your cool, take a deep breath and analyze the conflict. Think of the simplest ways to solve it.

   4 Relaxation

Try to stay relaxed, this will help you feel calmer. Make stretching or massage and search practice a physical exercise. This way you will feel better about yourself.

  5 Think positive

See the positive side of situations can help you improve your performance in any situation. This behavior alone, is able to reduce the stress conditions and anxiety.

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