Who We Are

The Right Decision

Since its establishment, ProSETWIN develops solutions of Outsourcing and Insourcing – processes or activities of commercial nature, marketing, logistics, administrative and financial, quality, product management, among others.

There are several multinational pharmaceutical companies with whom we collaborate and have partnerships. All in one, ProSETWIN has as the main objective to significatily contribute with its Know-How in the chain optimization of its Clients.

In ProSETWIN, the People are at the heart of our success and we work with and for them to serve and strengthen the sense of decision making, making thing happennig and improving the business performance of our clients and partners.



Become the first choice in our areas of expertise in the pharmaceutical sector and developing long-term partnerships that promote all parties and their success.


Be an integral part of the value chain of our customers, developing Business Process Outsourcing and Strategic Selective solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organization.


A life is built based on strong and solid values​​. Integrity, Honesty, Gratitude, Solidarity and Love by resolute labor. These are indespensable elements ​​for us.

Not to simply assign a grade to the employees work, but rather, help them have the best of grades. Helping others, implies not only and solely the sharing of financial prosperity, but also the sharing of our time, talent and knowledge.

What We Think

What it means for us?…

Compliance means obeying the laws, the regulations, policies, guidelines and / or existing specifications.

The Compliance is vital for monitoring, promoting, protecting and ensuring the integrity and reputation of the company and its officers and employees.

Compliance and ProSETWIN’s Vision

One of the elements of the vision of our company is to develop and continuously improve our program and our infrastructure compliance, in order to achieve and maintain high standards of compliance and ethics.

Our continuous efforts towards a better and more complete program and Infrastructure Compliance help us to expand the family culture of ProSETWIN through a powerful compliance culture of the company.

Compliance Responsabilities

Each employee of our company has a duty to contribute to our culture of compliance through compliance with company policies, as well as national and international regulations.

Every leader in the company needs to create a culture of compliance, ensuring himself and the members of their teams understanding of their responsibilities and always working in accordance with all regulations related to its function, department and region.

Social Responsability

For ProSETWIN social responsibility is of great importance. We are an integral part of our society. We benefit from it and wish that we can also retrieve our contribution:

Through our business activities!

Working is a Path…

Working Diferently…Working Well…Always Working!

ProSETWIN’s commitment is to ensure the professionalism of our employees and promote their integration in every professional project. We invest in people who are willing to be solid, ambitious, and want to make a difference in Portugal along with the many other people who compete in the same opportunities.

Future challenges requires us to reach a level of commitment and excellent at all levels of the performance in the organization and, therefore, from our Department of Personnel Management, we work to create an environment of continuous learning and we are committed to the development of professionals skills that can enable us to provide the best of services to our customers.

Our efforts and commitment are rewarded with the victories shared and  fueled mainly by our Employees and our Customers, with whom we have developed strong partnerships and the creation of win-win solutions.

What We Think

A Person is a gaze, a smile an embrace. A Person is a silhouette, some footsteps, an absence, a memory. A Person is a friend, a team, a project, a goal. Una Persona es una mirada, una sonrisa, un abrazo. Es una silueta, unos pasos, una ausencia, un recuerdo. Una Persona es un amigo, un equipo, un proyeto, una meta. Uma Pessoa é um olhar, um sorriso, um abraço. É uma silhueta, alguns passos, uma ausência, uma recordação. Uma Pessoa, é um amigo, uma equipa, um projecto, um objectivo. Quality is an idea, a finish, an image, a word, a tone. It is a letter, a call, a date, a commitment. Quality is value, it is results, confidence and security. Calidad es una idea, un acabado, una imagen, una palabra, un tono. Es un correo, una llamada, una flecha, un compromiso. Calidad es valor, es resultado, es confianza y seguridad. Qualidade, é uma ideia, um objectivo, uma imagem, uma palavra, um som. É uma carta, um telefonema, uma data, um compromisso. Qualidade é valor, uma meta, confiança, segurança. Innovation is questioning, observing, discovering and experimenting. It is taking a risk, losing sometithing to gain and again, keeping on along the road, dreaming. Inovar es preguntar, es observar, descubrir y probar. Es arriesgar, es perder para ganar. Inovar es volver a intentar, seguir, caminar, soñar. Inovar é perguntar, observar, descobrir e experimentar. É arriscar, é perder ou ganhar. Inovar é voltar a tentar, seguir, caminhar, sonhar. Taining is seeking, improving, knowing, changing. It is travalling, sharing, studying. Training is growing. Developing. Formación es buscar, mejorar, conocer, cambiar. Es viajar, compartir, estudiar. Formación es crecer. Evolucionar. Formação é procurar, melhorar, conhecer, mudar. É viajar, compartir, estudar. Formação é crescer. Evoluir. Results are a promise. They are success, applause, recognition. Results mean profits. They are a guarantee, the future. Resultados es una promesa. Es el éxito, el aplauso, el reconocimiento. Resultados es rentabilidad. Es garantía, es futuro. O Resultado é uma promessa. É o Êxito, o aplauso, o reconhecimento. Resultado é rentabilidade. É uma garantia, é o Futuro.

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